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5 Сен 2014
R58 (179171) Server Update (November 14 2016)
  • ???

R57 (177035) Server Update (September 21 2016)
  • ???

R56 (177035) Server Update (February 9 2016)
  • Additional stability and security updates

R55 (176744) Server Update (December 15)
  • New map added (Dragon Valley 2015 - XP7_Valley)
  • Three new experiences added to take advantage of the new map (XP7SMALL, XP7LARGE, XP7INF)
  • Added support for a South American ping site
  • Network traffic (from game server to game clients) optimization

R53 / R54 (171730) Server Update (October 27)
  • New map added (Operation Outbreak)
  • Three new experiences added to take advantage of the new map (XP6SMALL, XP6LARGE, XP6INF)
  • Added new procon command (vars.serverTickTime) which returns the game server FPS
  • Added new procon command (vars.OutHighFrequency) for Tickrate setting.
  • Several low level optimizations related to bandwidth and ordering
  • Several improvements to the game simulation when running on high tickrate

R52 (166185) Server Update (September 14)
  • Fix for a build issue resulting in a FrameHistoryTime of 0.125 in place of the intended 1.0. This will significantly improve on so called "dusting", particularly in fast vehicles.
  • Fix for Hardcore preset switching to Custom/Unknown.

R51 (165241) Server Update (September 1)
  • New map added (Zavod: Graveyard Shift)
  • Three new experiences added to take advantage of the new map (NIGHTSMALL, NIGHTINF, NIGHTLARGE)
  • Netcode improvements:
  • Added support for high tickrate (currently disabled, it will be enabled at a later date after live testing is performed)
  • Improved “rubber banding” handling
  • Improvements to reduce “dusting” effect on fast moving vehicles (mainly jets)
  • Updated server stall detection
  • Skill based team balancer:
    The new team balancer is a start-of-round balancer. It is designed to balance lopsided servers by breaking up teams over several rounds.
    • The team balancer works by:
    • Taking both team sizes and skill into consideration. It works by:
    • Rebuilding the teams based on skill after every round
    • Keeping squads & friends together
    • Preventing excessive team stacking
    • Assigning joining players by skill during rounds
    • Replaces players that previously left the game with new joiners
    • Evaluating manual team switching on a case by case basis and refuse team switching which may ruin the balance of the server
    • Attempting to prevent team stacking by being more restrictive of high skilled players trying to switch to the better team
    • Freely allowing team switching when there are very few (less than 5v5) players on the server
    • Being enabled in “bigger” team based game modes only
  • It is enabled by default on Official servers, it can be controlled on non-Official servers by using vars.SkillBasedBalance
  • Fixed a rare server crash

R50 (162016) Server Update (May 26)
(named R48.GM in Procon because of docu-link)

R49 (158113) Server Upate (March 25)
- Fix for frequent server crash
- Fix for being stuck in apparent Revive state after death

R48 (157186) Server Update (March 3)
- Support for various in-game netcode improvements
- High frequency update bandwidth requirement cut in half
- New game mode added (Squadobliteration0) for the following maps: MP_Siege; MP_Abandoned; MP_Resort; MP_Tremors; MP_Naval; MP_Journey; MP_Prison
- Four new MP Experiences added (PR0LARGE; PR0SMALL; PR0CLOSE; SQOBLITERATION)
- Added support for New player servers (rank 10 and down). This can be tweaked by either setting the preset to “NOOB” (new preset) or by leveraging the vars.IsNoobOnlyJoin new RCON switch. This new preset is identical to the OFFICIAL one in terms of game-play settings.

R47 (155353) Server Update (February 10 2015)
- Fixed CTF/Obliteration exploit
- Backend update to increase stability

R46 (155011) Server Update (December 15)
- Improved game server performances
- Improved cheater detection for all the players’ roles (soldier, spectator, commander).

R45 (154793) Server Update (December 2)
- Servers that are unranked with 'All Unlocks' on can have access to the Phantom Bow.
- Fix for users using a hack to stat pad their points by instantly suicide and spawn on
- “vars.maxPlayers” cannot be changed at runtime on OFFICIAL and RANKED servers
- Improving game reports reliability
- Game reports time stamps improvement

R44 (154100) Server Update (November 18)

R43 (150767) Server Update (October 14)

-Fix for an issue that prevented server administrators to edit
the amount of required players needed to start a game
-Fix for an issue that caused hit markers not to appear while
shooting and hitting enemies with a Main Battle Tank

R42 (147837) Server Update (September 30)

R41 (140136) Server Update (August 20)

R40 (139796) Server Update (August 12)
-Fix for an issue where it was possible to spawn in game with gadgets from different classes.
-Fix for an issue where the team with the highest points sometimes won in CTF regardless of captures.

R39 (138571 ) Server Update (August 5)
-Fix for a crash caused by players using team overrides on rented servers
-Fix for an issue where Battle Pickups couldn't be picked up by players
-Fix for an issue where players would spawn beneath the terrain
-Chain Link default time limit changed to 20 minutes
-Various backend related fixes

R38 (136921) Server Update (July 19)

R37 (135082) Server Update (July 8)

R36 (133337) Server Update (June 17)
-Various minor fixes
-Fix for an issue where setting vars.gameModeCounter in the Obliteration game mode to anything higher than 100 would cause the round not to end, even if all the objectives were destroyed

R35 (130790) Server Update (June 3)
-Fixed a crash
-Fixed an issue where jets wouldn’t do any damage to other jets at certain altitudes

R34 (126936) Server Update (May 6)
-Fix for an issue when an admin couldn't move/ban/kick players with clan tags
-Various backend fixes

R33 (125871) Server Update (April 29)
-General stability improvements
-Fix for the “Death Shield” bug that could cause dead players to act as an invisible shield, blocking projectiles

R32 (120511) Server Update (April 23)
-Fix for an issue where the player could get stuck in a loading screen on a server that had an uneven number of slots
-Fix for the Live Scoreboard that would be active without a game on a server

R31 (117719) Server Update (Mar 31)
- General stability improvements
- Naval Strike Maps

R30 (115397) Server Update (Mar 18)
-Players will no longer be able to pick up deployed AA mines
-Players will no longer be able to equip an AA mine together with rocket launchers
-Fix for an issue where players could have two Javelin projectiles in the air at the same time
-Javelin damage has been reduced from 34% to 30%
-Active Radar cone on the Ground Active Radar Missiles has been reduced from 5 degrees to 2 degrees
-Reduced the resupply time of the Flares from 25 to 20 seconds
-Reduced the resupply time of the ECM from 30 to 25 seconds
-Increased the resupply time of Active Protection from 30 to 35 seconds
-Bullpup weapons with 1x sights should now all properly benefit from increased movement speed while aiming down the sight
-Increased the damage of the CBJ-MS all ranges to better balance its low rate of fire
-Reduced the direct damage of the Attack Helicopter Zuni rockets as they were slightly too powerful after the last adjustment - as a result that last increase has been toned down to 50%
-Increased the side to side recoil of the AWS to balance it with other 800 RPM LMGs and keep its unique firing behavior
-Reduced the damage of the FIM-92 Stinger and SA-18 IGLA to 35% from 45% against Scout, Attack Helicopters and jets
-Toned down the helicopter flip caused by FIM-92 Stinger, SA-18 IGLA and Starstreak HVM-2 impacts

R29 (114240) Server Update (Mar 11)
-Fix for missing audio on Squad/Team Deathmatch when playing on high ticket Ranked Servers
-Fix for vehicleSpawnDelay and roundTimeLimit being part of presets locked settings

R28 (112943) Server Update (Mar 06)

R27 (111118) Server Update (Feb 25)
-Included various server optimizations
-Fix for a server crash that could occur when loading Second Assault maps
-Added a player.onDisconnect RCON event that let’s server owners and anti-cheat notify players why they were disconnected from a server

R26 (109758) Server Update (Feb 17)
-Fix for missing audio on Squad/Team Deathmatch after one of the squads/teams reached the 100% ticket count

R25 (108751) Server Update (Feb 13)
-Fix for several server crashes
-Fixed an issue where the maxSpectatorCount value of 4 was enforced on all presets
-Fix for an issue where players using the iOS/Android Commander App weren’t able to connect to games

R24 (107436) Server Update (FEB 06)
-Fix for a server crash
-Added a 1-500 value range on vars.vehicleSpawnDelay for Unranked Servers
-Fixed an issue where a Commander could highlight a High-Value Target (HVT) after 1 kill, instead of the intended 7 kills

R23 (107145) Server Update (FEB 03)
- Crash Fix

R22 (106533) Update Notes (Jan 30)
- Crash Fix

R21 (106318) Update Notes (Jan 30)
- Official servers where the experience is set, map rotation's default size for the game mode is
locked and can't be tweaked by vars.maxPlayers command.
- Enable packet loss logging in the dedicated server runtime logs
- "Netcode" fix to reduce network traffic
- Vars.vehicleSpawnDelay command will be executed at the end of the round or if the round
is restarted.
- Adding validateVars to vars.unlockMode to return a nice "ReadOnlyOnRanked" message if the
server is "official / ranked".
- Improved error handling on reporting statistical data.
- Fixed an issue where "skill" was calculated for commanders when quitting.
- Fix for issue of players becoming invisible after being killed on a ladder and revived

R20 (103064) Update Notes (Jan 16)
-Fixed an issue where players could equip the exclusive DICE camo/paint, which would cause them to become invisible

R19 (102560) Update Notes (Jan 14)
-Introduced an update to our anti-cheat system
-Fix for a server crash that was caused by setting the vars.teamXFactionOverride value to 3
-The vars.teamFactionOverride command, with the and parameters has been introduced, replacing the vars.teamXFactionOverride commands
-Vars.playerManDownTime has been removed as this was not working as designed

R18 (101684) Update Notes (Jan 13 - 2014)
-Compatibility updates for the Jan 13 PC game update
-Enabled Live Scoreboard for all game servers
-Changed Air Superiority default tickets from 100 to 200
-Fixes for five server crashes

R17 (99392) Update Notes (Dec 20)
-Fix for two server crashes
-Fix for a graphical bug that could occur when players accepted a revive within 1 second
-Server performance optimizations

R16 (97870) Update Notes (Dec 16)
-Fix for some of the more common server crashes
-Overall performance enhancements
-UCAV ammo replenish time was set from 20 to 90 seconds
-Round time limit intervals were added for the different server types

R15 (96245) Update Notes (Dec 09)
-Various server side crash fixes, including the top seen crashes on R14
-Activated the reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin command that enables VIP players and server administrators directly joining full servers
-Client patch compatibility to make servers compatible with the Dec 09 client update

R14 (95851) Update Notes (Dec 06)
-Unlocks the M1911 scope for all players
-Fix for battlepack boost time not being used when playing as Commander
-Fix for rank getting capped to 100 when playing as tablet Commander

R13 (94318) Update Notes (Dec 03)
-Included China Rising maps and game mode
-Fixed two common server crashes that were caused by bad, or out-of-date network data being sent from the game client
-Fixed a server crash that was caused by placing the vars.teamXfactionOverride in the startup.txt file

R12 (93111) Update Notes (Nov 25)
-Fixed several of the most commonly occuring server crashes (This should benefit all platforms)
-Fixed an issue where the cruise missile in Commander Mode was not launching when playing on Paracel Storm
-Fixed so that a player's skill is no longer negatively affected when playing as Commander
-Fixed an aircraft IR flares exploit where players could use the flares multiple times before reloading by exiting/re-entering the aircraft
-Fixed an issue with Ranked servers on Xbox One running with a 1% ticket count
-Defined a range of 25%-400% for vehicle respawn delays on Ranked servers

R11 (91697) Update Notes (Nov 21):
-Fixed a common server crash
-Fixed an exploit where a player could get unlimited ammo on mortars by redeploying them
-Fixed an issue where your score displayed in the scoreboard was cut in half during double xp events
-Removed the possibility for server admins to kick players on official servers by using PunkBuster
-Game mode counter can now be set up to 400% for Ranked servers and 500% for Unranked servers. In addition, idle time out can now be set up to 86 400 (24 hours) for both server types

R10 (90519) Update Notes (Nov 14):
*Crash fix
*Fix for DLC being in map rotation where it shouldn't

R9 (90165) Update Notes (Nov 14):
*Preparation for upcoming client patch
**Reduce the number of crashes
**Eliminate a network sync bug
**Improve Network Smoothing

R8 (89702) Update Notes (Nov 12):
*Fixed a number of dog tags that were showing up as blank in-game.
*Lowered the damage caused by Mobile AA Active Radar missiles to aircraft. The previous damage was incorrectly set too high.
*Added support for live scoreboards on Battlelog. This lets you see the current score and status on a server before joining -- such as the number of targets remaining in Obliteration mode.
*Improved server crash reporting and performance tracking on all platforms. This should further help us identify and fix server crashes going forward.

R7 (88472) Update Notes (Nov 6):
* Fixed two of the most common server crashes (All platforms)
* The "admin.say" command should now work properly (PC)
* The "vars.preset" command should now work better in conjunction with other vars settings (PC) (It is now easier for server admins to set a server preset)
* Fixed a bug in the queue system regarding GUID (PC)
* Fixed various minor bugs

R6 (88058) Update Notes:
*Fixed the most common game server crash
*Removed vars.bannerUrl command

R5 (88031) Update Notes:
*Fixed join-server queues

R4 (87884) Update Notes:
*Fixed some server crashes
*Fixed vars.forceReloadWholeMags being inverted
*Readded vars.unlockMode
*Fixed crash caused by FairFight RCON commands in startup.txt
*Fixzed the issue with admin.say being displayed as if player 0 sent the message

R3 (87254) Update Notes:
*Fixed a number of Blaze and Tablet Commander issues
*Added the command vars.preset

Patchnotes on Battlelog:

R55 (our mirror)

Source: Server Updates - Forums - Battlelog / Battlefield 4


Settings needed for the "Experience" on Servers

CQCLASSIC = Conquest Classics
RUSHCLASSIC = Rush Classics
TDM0 = Team Deathmatch
OBLITERATION = Obliteration
SQDMCLASSIC = Squad Deathmatch
DOMCLASSIC = Domination
XP1AS = CR Air Superiority
XP0CTF0 = SA Capture The Flag
XP2CA = NS Carrier Assault
XP3CL0 = Chain Link
PR0LARGE = Large Battles
PR0SMALL = The Battlefield
PR0CLOSE = Close Quarters
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